Confirmed Keynote Speech of KMO/LTEC 2023 by Prof. Peter Heisig

Keynote Speech II of KMO/LTEC 2023 (9:00-10:00, July 26, 2023)
Knowledge Management Essentials: Reflections on the Discipline and Outlook to the Future
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Heisig
Professor for Information and Knowledge Management, University of Applied Science Potsdam, Germany

Prof. Peter Heisig

Reflecting on the history and development of the Knowledge Management discipline
over the last three decades from an academic and applied research perspective, this
keynote will outline the KM Essentials as core of our discipline as well as open questions
to be addressed in the future. The keynote will discuss the importance of a shared
understanding of the core ‘ingredients’ of the discipline taking into account different
perspectives and different discourses. The keynote will address the current deficits within
the KM discipline from a personal perspective and suggest future research avenues which
needs to be address. Taking into account the challenges we as individuals, within
organizations and within societies are facing today, some urgent research topics will be
outlined to trigger reflection and discussion among a broader community of KM
academics and KM practitioners.

Peter Heisig is Professor for Information and Knowledge Management since 2015 and
Vice-President for Research and Transfer at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam,
Germany. He studied Social Sciences at the University Göttingen (Germany), University
of Economics Vienna (Austria) and University Deusto Bilbao (Spain) and earned his PhD
in Engineering at the Technical University Berlin (Germany). He founded the Competence
Center Knowledge Management (CCWM) at Fraunhofer Institute IPK (Berlin) in 1996
undertaking research projects ranging from tacit knowledge of shop-floor workers
towards corporate-wide KM projects with Multinational corporations. After some years
in consulting, he joined the Engineering Design Center (EDC) at the University of
Cambridge (UK) in 2006 and the Leeds University Business School (UK) in 2010. In 2011,
he initiated a Global Research Network on Knowledge Management with academic
partners in 30+ countries undertaking a joint worldwide study on KM involving more
than 220 KM researchers and KM practitioners. He is also a founding member of the
International Association of Knowledge Management (IAKM) and an active member of
the Gesellschaft für Wissensmanagement e.V. in Austria and Germany. He contributed to
the development of several standards in Knowledge Management (DIN, CEN, ISO, VDI),
and has supported numerous well-known Fortune500 companies on KM projects for
more than 25 years. He ranks among the Top20 Authors of the Journal of Knowledge